Benefits of Martial Arts

Do you know that learning kickboxing has many benefits?

Company Identity



Company Identity as the name says is the identity of a company in the public perspective. This identity is created by the company and in the longer run, the task falls into the hands of customers/employees based on the company's adherence to the said principles or deviation in the same.

Company identity talks about what the company intends to do, their type of work and ethics, their methodologies etc, to the public, consumers, shareholders and other indirectly involved. This is a very important part of any company.

To keep the identity correct and follow them is essential. We shall tell few of the factors that determine the identity.

Analysis of the market:


before doing any business, one must analyse the market. Strength, weakness, opportunity, even the threats to the business should be thoroughly analysed to make proper business decisions.

Having Business goals:


having a goal, the company identity should be aiming in fulfilling the goal.

Communication to the consumers:


the identity talks to the consumer indirectly about the company.



it very important to target the right kind of customers and identifying them. Exercise Bike And Fitness Bikes was founded in helping others learn varied forms of exercises/arts and also to preserve our culture. We excel in martial arts training all across the globe. We have become as one of the established brands in the martial arts and the credits go to our Identity being strongly rooted. Martial arts is not just a workout but has multiple benefits on the way how it's perceived.

We work on few core values and never let it down at any cost. We encourage everyone to be helping others when needed. We pursue never-ending improvements, there is no stop to learning and we strongly believe in that. As you might know, martial arts demands respect, we see that every person adheres to its strictly.

We ensure you that martial arts will no longer be just a workout or fun, but will a life to change experience with us.